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Want to be the talk of the town? The belle of the ball? The bees-knees? Then play a character from the Courtier Class and be above the rest of the chaff. Ok, that didn’t rhyme, but either way, this Class of 8 Careers has all the fancy people, and those that rub elbows with them. This Class is fun, because it is not full of combat-ready careers, but those that are fantastic for social encounters and roleplay. Which, at the end of the day, is the reason we’re all here, right?

Advisor- Silver 2

An advisor that probably has worldly experience, or they’re just lying

My favorite part in the description of this Career, is how it’s explained that an Advisor does not have to be working for the nobility, but could advise criminals or gang lords, really anyone that would have a trusted person at their side to think of things they might miss. On the surface this Career makes me thing of the Hand of the King from Game of Thrones, and the get access to all the Skills and Talents to be suited for that role. Some notable Skills and Talents include: Language (Classical), Bribery, Criminal, Kingpin, Schemer, Lore (Local), and Charm. I also really enjoy that their income Skill is Lore (Politics). Advisors make great creeper NPCs that are secretly pulling strings (like Jafar from Aladdin), and as a PC can they work great as a combination skill monkey/social character. Advisors also have great social mobility, ending at Gold 3 at their highest Tier- Chancellor.

Artist- Silver 1

Now where did I leave my goblin green?

The Artist is another career that almost happened on GPoPA , Dani rerolled after her first career of Soldier (which we all know she went back to), but she felt it was too close to her typical dilettante-type of careers she always plays. So Mina traded her paintbrushes for swords and history was made. An Artist features as one of the many NPCs in Settling the Southlands, who was hired to paint their surroundings. As a PC, there are many opportunities for RP in finding a patron, or at least selling their works. Naturally, their income Skill is Art (Any), which is cool, because you can tailor your character to be whatever kind of artist you want, not necessarily a painter. Artists can be good sources of information as NPCs as well, as they often travel in varying social circles.

Duellist- Silver 3

“I’ve got the grobi right in my sights.”

Duellists are rad. It’s too bad that they don’t start with pistols, but it is noted that it is a break in tradition- Tier 3 of the Career is known as Blademaster, after all. Back in my Paths of the Damned game in college, one of my players was a duellist, and it w as fun watching him challenge everything in sight. Luckily he knew when to hold back, but he was certainly skilled! Duellists make for great combat NPCs as Judicial Champions, or a bodyguard for a non-combat NCP. They have obvious advantages as a PC, getting a hand weapon and WS as a starting Characteristic outside the Warrior Class is nice! Like most Careers in this Class, there is ample opportunity for upward social movement. Starting at Silver 3, and increasing up to Gold 3, Duellists are well-respected and often feared.

Envoy- Silver 2

This elf, clearly from Ulthuan, doesn’t look stuck-up at all…

Another social-heavy Career, the Envoy knows how to talk with, and work people. Dani played an elf Envoy in her college gaming group, the Storyteller’s Guild, I imagine her character didn’t look much different from the picture above! Envoy’s are responsible for bartering dals and agreements between kingdoms, regions, towns, cities, they could be from anywhere. I love the idea of playing a character from a far-away land as an envoy. Imagine playing a Cathayan envoy who has had to leave their position for some reason and has to go adventuring as a way to make ends-meet. Of course their income skill is Charm and they have Fellowship as a starting Characteristic, Envoys know how to talk to people! If one were to advance an Envoy to Ambassador, they would have Gold 5 Status, and be able to talk with just about anyone, even royalty!

Noble- Gold 1

So many pistols in this Class! Also that hat, *chef’s kiss*

Nobles are in a league of their own. Literally. Starting at Gold 1 Status, they might be the only Career to start Gold (I’ll have to check). Nobles can be a little difficult for GMs to have as PCs, with their starting money, having a personal servant, and Status, but it’s hard to turn down the roleplaying opportunities of the spoiled brat noble. Alex’s character Heinrik von Baer, from Settling the Southlands, is a Noble from Middenhiem, who is a wonderful boor. Nobles are nothing but a boon to parties in both combat and social settings though. They have access to a good smattering of combat and social Skills and Talents including: Melee (Fencing), Charm, Leadership (income Skill), Intimidating, Luck, and Attractive. Of course, nobles make fantastic antagonists as well, who doesn’t want to take down the corrupt rich nobles?

Servant- Silver 1

Not every Career here is glamorous…

Servants have a rough time. Pairing a PC noble, with their PC servant would make for a pretty amazing game, as long as both parties are ok with the relationship! Outside of that combo, a PC Servant becoming an adventurer makes a lot of sense. Getting away from a potentially abusive master, Servants are ripe for the picking of becoming packing up and leaving for the open road. On the other hand, some Servants live a posh life with warm meals, a nice bed, and steady wages. NPC Servants usually work to foil PCs plans and keep them away from their bosses. Servants also make great enemies, for their life can be drab and pull them towards the life of a cultist. Servants don’t make good combat characters, but survivable ones. Their income Skill is Endurance, representing their need to endure repetitive tasks and labor.

Spy- Brass 3

“Oh, it was the Baron, you say, very interesting…”

There is so much opportunity for Spies. Playing one just has so many options! Does the rest of the party know you’re a Spy, or do you pretend to be a different Career? Have you been hired to spy on the rest of the Party, one one member in particular? Or do you se your Skills like Gossip (income Skill), Perceptions, and Stealth (Any) to spy for the Party? Spies might be the ultimate social class, with Fellowship as a starting Characteristic and Talents like Blather, Gregarious, Shadow, Attractive, and Schemer, they can weasel their way into any conversation and learn whatever they want. Not to mention they know how to train messenger pigeons. Spies as NPCs can be a major thorn in the side of the party, or an invaluable connection for them to learn what they need to.

Warden- Silver 1

I had to change my caption, this Career is not what I thought it was!

This Career threw me for a loop. When seeing the name Warden, I assumed it was a prison warden! I was way off the mark though, these Wardens take care of the estate and lands of nobles, by force if necessary. Wardens can be specialized in their grounds maintenance as essentially a butler, a game warden, maintaining hunting grounds, or keeping a holiday estate in order. I love the idea of a Warden trying to keep order in a large Tilean estate as a party of wily halflings try to sneak past him and steal something valuable such as a long-lost ancestral statue- likely of a rooster. (seems like I have a one-shot to write…) As a PC, maybe the character is traveling to the estate, and is roped into trouble on the way, this one is tougher for me to see why they’d be adventuring, but at least they bring the always-useful Perception to the group as their income Skill.

From highs to lows

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