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Who are we? We are The Professional Casual Network.

Tim “Dad” France

Executive Producer & Founder of The PCN, Host of The Slithering, Host of Oh Yea! The Power Phase and Wait! Did I Roll a Wild?, Lucky on A Grim Podcast of Perilous Adventure, Mudd on The Lost Omens Podcast, Gerty on Settling the Southlands

Tim is the founder and Executive Producer of The PCN. Bringing together a diverse group of hosts, he plans to tantalize your ear holes with humor and deep dives in to pop culture. From table-top gaming, comics, and pop culture to Netflix miniseries and current events, nothing is safe from his satirical scrutiny.

Dani “Doesn’t Get Paid by the Hour” Cole

Mina on A Grim Podcast of Perilous Adventure, GM of The Lost Omens Podcast & Co-Founder of The PCN, Bethan on Settling the Southlands, Hannah on The Slithering.

Host of The Lost Omens and Founder of The PCN. Dani Cole, English teacher by day and podcaster by night, self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast and food fanatic. How does she do it all? Easy; she’s fueled by cold brew coffee and kombucha. Catch her on the other shows she co-hosts.

Dan “Bad GM” Cole

Host of A Grim Podcast of Perilous Adventure, Mr. Brennan on The Lost Omens Podcast, Zardoff on The Slithering, Author of Lani: Girl Without Fear and Hundred Dollar Heroes, & Co-Founder of The PCN

Author of Lani: Girl without Fear and Hundred Dollar Heroes, here comes Dan “I can’t be expected to be funny and witty on command. Needs to form organically” Cole, host of the Big Fiction Energy podcast, host of The Space Between, host of A Grim Podcast of Perilous Adventure and one of the founders of the Professional Casual Network. Dan likes two things in this world, pizza, and cosplaying as obscure one shot characters from The Gilmore Girls, and he’s all out of pizza. In his spare time he likes to make breakfast for his wife, BOOM! He’s sweeter than the sweet potatoes he roasts for his delectable breakfast bowls

Charlie “Big Chuck” Shaw

Host of Elite 8 Showdown and Co-Founder of PCN

Charlie “Big Chuck” Shaw, first of his name, provider of the brackets and decider of matches. Raised from humbled beginning, the host of Elite 8 Showdown now drunk with power, rules the arena with an iron fist making everything and anything fight for your enjoyment. A seasoned Chef, Miniature Wargaming Addict, and forever a Pro Wrestling fan, Big Chuck is the only thing you would probably dare to “mess with”… but it’s not recommended.


Production Manager, Social Media guru, Techie extraordinaire. Photographer

Lindsay is the production manager, merchandise creator, social media guru and techie extraordinaire for The PCN. She is a photographer specializing in weddings, portraits and abandoned photography. In her free time she likes to do research on abandoned locations, create art, paint, miniatures and resin crafts and has a love of historical fiction, anime, video games and true crime, specifically serial killers and cold cases.


Illustrator and Life of the Party

Sarah Burns is big boobed and bamboozled most of the time and lead designer at her notepad during meetings. She shuts Tim down on a regular basis and calls him on his bullshit, which he does no appreciate, but is silently and greatly appreciated by the rest of his co-hosts. She is an illustrator, art school grad and all around life of the party not to mention she is the first person you call when you need a liquid injection of jazz hands. We wouldn’t be the same without her.

“Tactical” Taylor Hoyt

Part of Oh Yea! The Power Phase, Xa’Resk on Lost Omens Podcast and Alndurin on The Slithering, Host of Hobby Hangouts

Taylor aka Throlash gaming


Bruno on Grim Podcast of Perilous Adventure, Fulgrim on The Lost Omens Podcast


Kurva on The Lost Omens Podcast and Mammoth on a Grim Podcast of Perilous Adventure


Lilliana on Settling the Southlands

Happy New Year 2022 to all our fans!
Long Island Tabletop Gaming Expo, April 2022 Live show one shot with the GPOPA cast
AdeptiCon 2022 Live MCP Tournament Coverage from Chicago.

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