Body diversity

Welcome back! I hope you’re doing well. My family had a crazy busy weekend full of birthday celebrations that were incredible. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to come together with friends (in person!) and celebrate; our kids all get along and play really well together, and it was just a really wonderful weekend. Totally... Continue Reading →

Diets suck

Oh, hi there! It’s me again. Get a drink of water. Right now. It’s super hot in Upstate NY and we all know, hydration is super important. Gotta start respecting your body, and the first step is getting some H2O in your gullet. Ok, now that that’s out of the way. I’m exhausted. This has... Continue Reading →

Back at it…the diet culture edition

Hi there. I’m Dani, and I have a consistency problem. It’s been a red-hot minute since my last post. Forgive me mother, for I am busy. In all seriousness, work and network and life stuff all got in the way and the one thing I could sacrifice was this blog. It’s sad, because I love... Continue Reading →

Attack of the monday

Hi there friend! Long time, no see!That's on me, and totally my bad. I know I keep saying that life is getting in the way, and it truly is. I guess I didn't really realize how crazy things would get when everything got back in full swing, but now my normal blog writing time has... Continue Reading →

The Decor Rabbit Hole

Well hello there, incredible reader. Take a second right now and get some water. Drink it. I’m serious. We could all stand to be a little more hydrated 🙂 Things have been incredibly busy over in my neck of the woods; school started up and the whole family is adjusting to a very new schedule.... Continue Reading →

Welcome to September!

Hi there, faithful reader. I'm sorry for the brief hiatus between posts; my family went on a trip to Old Forge with some nerd friends and their families and I was having too much fun on the lake to throw together a post 😉 Can you believe that fall is practically upon us?! My husband,... Continue Reading →

Focusing on What You Can Control

Hi there! Before I launch into my topic for today's blog post I just want to say thank you to everyone who read and reacted to my last blog post. I got wonderful feedback and I'm glad my thoughts resonated with so many people. So, thanks y'all! I'm still feeling nervous about going back so... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter from a Teacher

Hi friends! Thanks for joining me again. I've had some things on my mind as of late, what with the debate about schools reopening in full swing, and as a teacher I obviously have a lot of thoughts about this. I thought I would air it all out here. You're brave if you continue reading.First... Continue Reading →


Hi there, dear reader! Happy Monday to you, and I actually mean that this week! If you remember, I had a rough start to last week (and really, they were all minor things that only slightly inconvenienced me, but in the moment their cumulative impact left me feeling quite defeated). This week I switched things... Continue Reading →

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