Ministravaganza Day 1 – Opening Ceremonies, Road Map for MCP, Reveals, Squeals and a Dracula

Opening Ceremony: This was a big year for AMG, Launching Star Wars: Shatterpoint, The Atomic Mass Discord (which you can join here), and making the rounds in person at conventions this year. Simone Elliot and Will Shick introduced everything that will be happening over the next two days with Ministravaganza, which will focus on the... Continue Reading →

Dr.DDevil: Painting Jeans Without Fear

Here we are again Deesciples. Another model and another tutorial for your consumption! I am here to FEED YOU CONTENT! Today, we are going to cover how to paint jeans. I admit, I am actually surprised how little is out there on how to paint such a common piece of clothing in today's society. It... Continue Reading →

WFRP Core Book Skills Part 2

Welcome back to our deep-dive into the Skills of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay! Last post, I went over the first half of the Skills, starting with Basic. Today I'll look at the rest of the Basic and all of the Advanced Skills. I like to focus on how each Skill can inform roleplay and characterization of... Continue Reading →

WFRP 4th Core Book- Skills

How We Do What We Do After Careers, Skills and Talents are the next chapter. For this entry though, I'm going to focus on the Skills half (and half of those, to be precice), as this chapter is beefy! To start, let's discuss just what Skills are, and why they're arguably the most important thing... Continue Reading →

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