HYDRA Terrain First Thoughts and Impressions!

“What would be cooler than a HYDRA tank!?” – Dallas Kemp

Ministravaganza has unfortunately come to a close, but all I can say to the spoilers, releases, and Non-Iceman (all covered HERE) is a resounding WOW! From Sentinels to Blob, we at Professional Casual Network can barely contain our excitement!

The AMG team has done it once again folks by going completely above and beyond with a release that, to be honest, I’m not sure anyone could have guessed. HYDRA terrain is here, releasing (we’re assuming) with the new HYDRA models from Ministravaganza, such as Red Skull: Master of HYDRA, Baron Strucker, Arnim Zola, etc. Looking at these pieces takes me straight to the battlefield outside any HYDRA bunker, where Cap and the Commandos are valiantly fighting their way inside to stop whatever sinister plot HYDRA has cooked up this time!

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The Breakdown: Power Generator

Look at this THICC boi!

We’ll start our breakdown of each piece with the power generator! A bit basic from the front (mood…), but you get that massive and imposing HYDRA logo everyone knows and fears. In the back we have what appears to be a big ol’ steel drum with various bits of tubing, exhaust, and maybe some lights. The thing on top could be a control panel of sorts? Whatever the bits are, this thing is SOLID (just like Kurva, check out Lost Omens)!

What I love about this piece is the large LOS blocking terrain we’re given. I’m guessing this will be a size 4 hunk of steel, concrete, and some sort of unstable energy that is bound to explode when She Hulk inevitably Big Chucks it at some nobody in the Power Bottom 10™©.

What would I add? Honestly, not much. Maybe from the exhaust ports you could throw on some steam using teddy bear stuffing, a ladder on the back if there isn’t one, and definitely some LEDs in the lights and control panels if you want to get real fancy. That’s it, this piece is (pun intended) solid!

Tactical Turret

“How are they defending it? Well they need a defense turret!” – Will Pagani

THIS thing! Oh man I so love this turret! The imposing dual quad missile launchers are fantastic, but in the show they mentioned other weapon options, such as laser cannons, that you can replace the missiles with! ALSO, all the weapon options can go on the tank if you like to?! Modular terrain is best terrain.

This looks like another big beastie, I’m guessing a size 3 or 4, with what looks like a bunker area in the back as well. I’m a magnet lover, so I’d magnetize the heck out of this for full swivel and customizability (that’s a word apparently) with the other weapon options. Other than that, having some of the missiles coming out with a smoke trail behind them would be a fantastic touch if you wanted to spruce this bad boy up!

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Red Skull: Master of TANK

“It’s a tank, if you move through people it runs them over, that’s how tanks work!” – Will Pagani

And the pièce de résistance, the HYDRA tank! Just looking at the size of Red Skull on here should give you an idea of how LARGE, how THICC this machine is. I cannot stop looking at this thing. There are so many wonderful little details and gubbins from the tiny rocket pod to the mini machine gun that my painting hand is getting itchy (Hobby Hangout every Wed. 6-8pm EST on Twitch)!

The best part about this is the Ultimate Encounter that comes with it! As was revealed at Ministravaganza, Red Skull can Star Fox hop into that Landmaster to run over and shoot your favorite Heroes and Villains to his heart’s content! There are special move and shooting rules for this piece of terrain during that encounter, and I for one am very ready for more interactive terrain to hit every MCP table.

Final Thoughts

HYDRA Bunker in disguise, amirite?!

Well, as the group terrain guy, I am beyond excited with these pieces! I can easily see an entire table full of these pieces, with a custom built HYDRA bunker on one side to show valiant Heroes trying to infiltrate HYDRAS lair while the nefarious Villains fight to keep their schemes safe. These could fit in any setting, from snowy tundra, to city slums, to the wildlands!

I hope this means more interactive terrain in the future too! The fact you can cause a ruckus Big Chucking almost any terrain in this game is great, but having terrain you can interact with to cause even more mayhem would be a stellar addition in the future, and I think this just sets the first layer for that reality!

Wrap Up

Spoiler for my next project!

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