It’s Not Iceman, But…

AMGs Ministravaganza has once again come and gone, and it did not disappoint! Well, except for one thing- no Iceman, but we did get a deluge of awesome new content! Tim summarized all the new reveals and bits of info (, but today I’m going to focus on the X-Men related content. You know, what we all care about the most!

First up, two of the most requested members of the Brotherhood of Mutants were revealed in all their glory- Pyro and Blob!

Healthy card art for Pyro and Blob

These two are classic characters dating all the way back to X-Men #141 (Pyro) and X-Men #3 (Blob). John Allerdyce had his powers of controlling fire manifest during puberty, like most mutants, but couldn’t use them for profit. The ability to control fire didn’t come with the ability to conjure it as well, so John bounced between jobs until Mystique discovered his gift and enlisted him into the Brotherhod. An Australian journalist and novelist, Pyro is more than the flamethrower-wielding maniac we all know and love. He’s even a fan of tattoos!

Pyro as a member of the Marauders (2021) by Mattteo Lolli

Fred J. Dukes has quite a different story. A circus sideshow performer, Professor X originally invited Blob to become an X-Man, but Dukes refused, his arrogance and obnoxious ways did not fit with the teens at the time. Blob thought he was stronger than the rest of the team by himself (he was right at the time) and didn’t want anyone telling him what to do. He later joined with different iterations of the Brotherhood and Freedom Force and even worked for Toad for a time! Blob is a classic X-Man villain, but in the age of Krakoa he is happy as the bartender at the Green Lagoon.

Green Lagoon by Joshua Cassara (X-Force #9, 2020)

So what does this all mean for MCP? Time for some Wild Speculation(tm)!

Pyro seems like an easy 3 Threat to me. I see a R3, S5 Builder with power gained per damage dealt. This attack will auto incinerate as well. For a spender, ‘Dragonfire’, he’ll have a R4 beam at S6 and each target gains Incinerate for 3Power.

For superpowers, Pyro doesn’t have much going on. Immune to Incinerate as an innate makes sense, but he could have something similar to Mystique’s Expert Sabotage and he can set terrain on fire! Each enemy character within R1 takes a damage, but the terrain isn’t destroyed. Costs and Action and 2 power, within R3 of Pyro. Broken? Terrible? You decide.

As for Blob, he’s a 4 Threat bruiser! His attacks don’t get more basic, but Superpowers will be where Blob shines. For a builder he’ll have a basic Strike- R2, S5, gain Power per damage dealt. His spender, ‘Earth-shattering Smash,’ still R2, but S7 for 3 Power. Before damage is dealt, he can Throw the target S. On a wild the target gains Slow and Stun.

Let’s have some fun with Superpowers. First, he’ll have a Terrain Throw. Up to size 3 withing R2, throw S for 3 power. Keep it basic. He’ll have some fantastic Innates though. First, ‘Nothing Moves the Blob,’ this character cannot be pushed or thrown by enemy effects. The Blob’s mutant power is to increase gravity’s pull on himself, making him immovable. Seems like an simple in-game representation of that!

Side-note, when I was a kid we used to have discussions about what would happen if Juggernaut, the unstoppable force, collided with Blob, the immovable object. In ‘comic logic,’ I’ve always felt Juggs would win this one. Blob’s powers are based on his will- he has to focus on not being moved, while Juggernaut’s powers are derived from Demon magick and will win out over Blob. Funnily enough, that’s now how it would end up in MCP!

For his last innate Blob would have ‘Plastic Body’. Reduce all damage by 2, to a minimum of 1.

Dunzo. Basic, but a cool, solid piece. Let me know what you think! We’re really just missing Avalanche and Destiny for the full Brotherhood lineup!

Pyro and Blob all painted up!

Up next, AMG revealed the next Rival Panels set, Wolverine and Sabretooth!

Wolverine vs Sabretooth Rival Panels- with new cards!

This set follows the pattern of the Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus set that was revealed about a year ago. This time though, things are different. During the stream it was revealed that this set will come with all new, all different character cards for these two along with a new selection of Team Tactics Cards! This is exciting for a ton of reasons. Oh- and I don’t want to forget that Wolverine DOES come with optional heads, so if you’re not a fan of the cowboy hat, don’t worry! This set is influenced by the events of Wolverine #10:

Wolverine #10 Written by Chris Claremont and John Buscema, Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

Finally, the biggest reveal of Ministravaganza…

MK IV Sentinels!

This exciting announcement came with a couple awesome images and a bevy of information! First up, they’re their own Affiliation! As of writing, we know there are at least 3 models in the Affiliation, Sentinel Prime (middle model in the image), Mk IV Sentinels (which you can include up to 2 in a Squad!), and everyone’s favorite bald mutant, Cassandra Nova! If you’re curious why she’s included, check out Grant Morrison’s ‘New X-Men’ from the early 2000s, great read. This pack comes with 3 sentinels with tons of options from ball joints for posing to battle damage optional armor plates with claw marks and optic blast damage. I cannot wait for this set.

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That’s all for today, I’m sure I’ll be back another time, until then, keep rolling crits!

-“Bad GM” Dan Cole

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