Rhino: Spider Foes’ Budget Juggernaut

“I crush you! I kill you! I destroy you!” ~ Aleksei Sytsevich

Hey folks, and welcome to another Professional Casual Network MCP Blog! Today we’re looking at the biggest thing (literally) to crash its way into the Spider Foes family: Rhino! Honestly not a moment too soon either, as we just finished covering the Everwinter 2022 GT in Boston NY this last weekend, and what affiliation took the event you ask? That’s right, Shane Smith with his tricky and trappy Spider Foes! Congratulations again Shane, what a fantastic win, and congrats to all the finalists, what a great event Everwinter was!

Shane and I had a small chat (Foes player to another Foes player) about how excited we are to see this big bad Rhino hit the game, and honestly he’s everything the both of us asked for! Between his massive physique on the table and his card, his ability to crash through terrain like a runaway train, and just being a big resilient boi, this mini is a force to be reckoned with.

Let’s Talk Stats

Well, like I said, he’s a big beefy boi. Coming in hot with 7 stamina on his healthy side, 3,3,2 for defense, AND static invulnerability; peeling him off the board will be a feat. Having only one attack may seem like a let down, but there’s so much going on behind the scene that adds to it, it may as well be a spender too (and besides, who uses builders anymore amirite?). He’s on a big base with short move, and multiple ways to gain extra movement in and out of his turn. Oh also, he can throw size 4 MEDIUM. His threat range is insane.

Let’s chat about Gore. It’s a builder, range 3, 5 dice. Not bad for a builder right? Well, guess what, you get to take this massive hunk of meat and just straight up place him range 1 of the target before damage is dealt! Having a large base, that is a massive teleport, being able to potentially contest from leagues away. It’s interesting that this happens before damage is dealt, as I remember Beast’s Ambush is after the attack is resolved. Do you know of any Tactic Card or superpower interactions that would play into this particular timing? If so, leave a comment I’d love to hear it!

Gore only gets better when we look at his next superpower: Stampede! Pricey at 3 threat, you push Rhino medium and crush any size 2 or smaller terrain you encounter, much like Juggernaut. Then add 2 dice to Gore the next time it’s used this turn. A Rhino stacked on power can move short, use Smash then Stampedes medium, gets to then chuck 10 dice range 3 at their opponent, THEN gets placed within 1 of that opponent! He’s a runaway train, and I’m glad to be the conductor!

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Because he needed more movement opportunities I guess, we have aggressive on this monster too. you want to attack him and remove him from the board, but every time you do he just gets closer and closer. You’re going to be attacking him a lot with Rhino Hide constantly soaking 1 damage, and his 7 stamina keeping him upright. Also, every time he gets damaged from an Ally or Enemy effect, he gains a power too from Ornery! He soaks damage, he gains so much power, he hum-chucks stuff, and he runs over runts. I’m in love.

Yer just lucky… that truck blew up! Otherwise… I’d have whipped you… easy!” ~ Aleksei Sytsevich

Tactics? What are Tactics?

Rhino will come with 3 tactic cards, which is super wonderful, but what I mean here is “how would I use Rhino?” Well, I love me some Spider Foes, so he’s an include for me in my roster. What I’m not thrilled about is another 4 threat Foes character. While I’m glad he’s not as expensive as Juggs, Foes seems to be plagued with 3s and 4s. A 5 would have been interesting, but then I feel like he would have been too similar to Juggernaut, so hey, I’ll take it.

Rhino seems like a great character to bring Neogenetic Recombinator for. Either using him as the character giving out wounds, or taking them, I feel like that card and Patchup taken with Rhino, Lizard, Goblin, and Venom, you would have one hell of a meat shield! You could even throw in Hood for more healing goodness, making an 18 threat squad that feels unkillable.

Most of the affiliations I would love to see him in are ones that allow an extra move, like Midnight Sons, X-Men Gold, or The Dark Council. Even moving short with this massive base is huge for Rhino’s mobility. I definitely want to run Rhino in The Dark Council soon, and I’ll be making a roster after this blog post is complete. One of Rhino’s biggest downfalls is that he has no immunities. Dealing with him will be as simple as a hex, or shock. Poison will be almost crippling, as he will need to rely on 5 dice and getting damage on himself for power.

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Honestly though, it will be most amusing to see him with Magneto and Juggernaut in Brotherhood. Between Juggs and Rhino crashing through terrain, Magneto’s ability would be triggered constantly and power would overflow. Terrain would melt away, heads will be crushed, and I know Ben (who took 3rd with Brotherhood at Everwinter!) would be the happiest human being at the table.

Wrap Up

Well, that was a quick one! Make sure to check out all of the Everwinter 2022 videos that are over on our Youtube page! We went over every round for the tournament, and every single one of them were memorable.

Let me know how you would use this monster of a character in the comments below. What are you most excited to try with him? What cards jump out at you that will synergize well? What do you think the three Tactic Cards will be that are included in his box? Let us know!

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  1. What do you all think his tactic cards will be? Another attack with a throw or push involved? Something completely different?

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