Star Wars: Shatterpoint and Why It’s a Massive Announcement

All right. This news is big, and it’s big for everyone.

Are you a Marvel Crisis Protocol Fan? I have good news for you.

Are you a Star Wars: Legion Fan? Guess what, I also have good news for you. Whether you choose to believe it or not.

Today Atomic Mass Games made a massive, large, and some might say McLargeHuge announcement that they are launching a new game called Star Wars: Shatterpoint in June of next year (that’s my birthday, btw, thanks AMG).

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What does this mean as a whole? and what do we ACTUALLY know? Outside the basics, not a lot (though more than you would think) and that actually means a lot more good than bad.

Check out the press briefing here:

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First off:

Do you play Star Wars Legion? If the answer is yes, than you need to settle down and control the Doomsayers. This is not the end of Star Wars: Legion and here’s why. The release and trailer video dropped today, shows a lot more than it doesn’t. Fully painted models, backdrops, and a clear artistic theme means this was probably in development well before Atomic Mass Games took over X-Wing, Legion and Armada. From a production standpoint having stuff this ready makes it seem like Star Wars: Shatterpoint has been in development for two, maybe even three years. If anything the Skirmish Star Wars game we’ve all been asking for has been put on the back burner for a couple years while Atomic Mass took over Legion and the rest.


This is a very different game than Legion, Armada and X-Wing. This should complement them all well as well. Atomic Mass has shown an incredible appreciation for the narrative and art style of their source, and so far from what was revealed in todays live steam, it seems like the art style is appropriately influenced from the Clone Wars Animated Series. A skirmish style game similar but different from MCP is really what this property is missing. Legion is incredible at what it does, and I don’t see that going anywhere, but it’s a different feel. It’s army combat, and not a grudge match.


ARE YOU HYPED?! Because you should be. There is not a better group of people to be at the helm for a narrative game that frames characters, abilities and settings for a smaller model count game than AMG. This might seem like I’m fanboying, and I get that, but quite frankly, I’ve played every Marvel Minis game that has come down the pipe, and there’s only one game that has tickled my Marvel Fan Boy without triggering all the negatives that forced me to leave Magic The Gathering. They have a proven track record for anti-power creep, they understand balance and how to update old favorites without costing the player their hard earned time or money, and they generally respect the property, and it’s source. There is not a better case scenario here.

All right enough ranting. Let’s talk about what we know. Here’s a couple of the shots of very obviously confirmed characters:

Gar, Maul and more right from the start

Mr Fett and IG 100 Magnaguards

A personal favorite of mine from The Clone Wars, Asajj Ventress with some B1 Battledroids

Dooku with some more IG Magnaguards

Luminara Unduli and Padawan Barriss Offee

This one specifically, says to at least our own Dan Cole that Atomic Mass is not leaving any stoned unturned and sets the tone early for anyone and everyone being on the table to be included in Star Wars: Shatterpoint. He was reminded heavily by MODOK being included in the first wave that this meant more than cherry picking popular characters and that we have a long while of looking forward to constant deep cut releases that have some fans saying “HECK YEA!” while others are saying “Who?”

Anakin and Clone Troopers

The Kaleesh, the Myth, The Legend: General Grevious along with some B2 Battledroids

Hello there.

All right Tim…. that all looks rad, but what are the real details. When will we play this? Will this be a carbon copy of MCP? Is this the end of Legion, X-Wing or Armada? Can I help with testing?


This is directly from the official Facebook group btw.

So information will probably be a trickle between here and the end of the year (though when AMG goes big, it’s normally a little unexpected – Malekith reveal anyone?) but what we know for sure if that Adepticon is going to be a big big big deal for Star Wars:Shatterpoint, Adepticon 2023 will also be the home of Star Wars: Legion Worlds. So if there’s a spot to be, it’s going to be here:

We will be there as well, not only covering the Marvel Crisis Protocol Event, but maybe much much more. Adepticon is really, honestly the place to meet, play and compete for any game system you’re into, and is straight forward the one and only con to do if you can only do one. I’ll be there, will you? With Worlds for Legion (still understatedly a massive, massive thing), The Golden Demon and maybe even The Worthy along with literally everything else you could dream of, how could you miss out.

2023 is going to be a big big year for MCP, Legion, Armada, X-Wing and now Shatterpoint.

Is the Professional Casual Network going to be covering Star Wars: Shatterpoint?

Is this namesake of the game based off the 2003 Novel “Star Wars Shattepoint”

Might be worth a read while we wait for more information

That’s going to be it for now. There’s a lot more to unpack and you can be darn sure we’ll be talking about it one Wait! Did I Roll a Wild? and probably what will inevitably the Professional Casual Network Shatterpoint Podcast (Shatter Me Timbers? Anyone?). Let us know how you felt about todays announcement and stay tuned right here as well as The Official Facebook Group as well as the Unofficial Group as well for all things Pointy and Shattery.

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