Crisis Protocol Roster Breakdown: Gotta Go Fast!

Hey folks, Tactical Taylor here with a weird and crazy Roster Breakdown! Now, to set the tone, I’m a huge fan of weirdly themed rosters/squads. I was the originator of the all 2 threat squad, followed that up with an all 6 threat squad, all shapeshifters, and other crazy themes as often as I can.

The Gotta Go Fast! roster started out as a squad I built for Oh Yeah! The Power Phase! (Mondays @ 7pm EST), and it focusses on characters that have Long Movement. This crazy idea came into my head about when Amazing Spider Man released, and I wanted to feature him in a squad in a big way. After coming up with ideas that weren’t my style of fun, I decided to lean into the movement part of ASM, and built a squad of all Long Movers. It worked surprisingly well! So well, in fact, that I wanted to create a feasible roster out of this.

~The Roster~

Spiderman! Spiderman! Does whatever a spider can!

Without further ado, here’s the roster!

Amazing Spider Man
Black Cat
Captain America (Sam)
Black Widow
Baron Zemo

~Tactic Cards~
Brace for Impact (Restricted)
Patch Up (Restricted)
All Webbed Up
Avengers Assemble
Asteroid M
Can I Borrow That?
The Cat and the Spider
Mission Objective

~Crisis Cards~
Cosmic Invasion! Black Order Descends on Earth (16)
Riots Spark over Extremis 3.0 (17)
Portals Overrun City With Spider-People! (18)
Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan (17)
Fear Grips World As “Worthy” Terrorize Cities (18)
Deadly Legacy Virus Cured? (19)

At the time of writing, there are a total of 18 (19 if you count Wasp, I didn’t because she moves M on her big side) characters that have movement L. Because I have nothing better to do this Wed afternoon before a meeting, I’ll list them here for your pleasure (let me know if I missed anyone please…):

  • Amazing Spider Man
  • Angela
  • Baron Zemo
  • Black Cat
  • Black Panther
  • Black Widow
  • Captain America (Sam Wilson)
  • Crystal
  • Daredevil
  • Gamora
  • Ghost-Spider
  • Mystique
  • Nebula
  • Proxima Midnight
  • Quicksilver
  • Sabretooth
  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
  • Viper
  • Wasp (but not really…)

That’s quite the eclectic array of characters! Between all of that, you could make 6 different affiliations (A-Force, Avengers, Brotherhood, Cabal, Guardians, Web Warriors). So why did I go with my choices? Let’s look at the breakdown:

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Web Warriors: Amazing Spider-Man

Web Warriors love Tacos, trust me…

As I said at the start of this post, I wanted to use Amazing Spider-Man as an anchor of sorts with this roster. Why? Because I like him, that’s why! I’ve been a Spidey fan since childhood, and this model and character card just SCREAM the Spider-Man I grew up with. Spidey is jam packed with Movement capabilities, even after you consider the Long move with Wall Crawler.

Both of his attacks give him a chance to relocate a significant amount. I mean his builder, under perfect conditions, can shoot him just shy of range 7 (range 5+2 obviously) from where he is while attacking characters with small bases, Range 8 if you’re fighting against medium bases, and imagine how far with large bases! (you’re gunna have to imagine, as I don’t own any characters with large bases yet!) And, as icing on the massive movement cake, Spidey just slams himself into the chosen character, causing a collision!

His spender allows him to auto move M, which is always nice (plus a “throw” on a wild? MINT!), and of course Web Swing is just beautiful. For 2 power, place this Medium base within 3? THEN add 2 dice to the builder that could allow you to move range 7+?! Parker isn’t sticking in one place, that’s for sure. In fact, once again assuming perfect conditions, Amazing Spider-Man can leap behind enemy deployment zones on round one, by moving once and using his Spider Strike! His mobility options are insane.

What else does Peter bring to this list? Let’s ignore his massive defensive capabilities, strong offense, and Witty Banter for one second to focus on his Affiliation Ability! Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Team’s ability to make enemy characters move slow, when coupled with your squad who moves nothing but long, can be absolutely crippling for opponents. Throw in the All Webbed Up tactic card and watch your opponent struggle to get in to position. Also, on top of that, if your opponent is suffering slow, you can just displace them range 1 for 1 power! Parker with the moves, even on other characters.

Spidey is pricey, but he is a massive movement and psychological weapon. Between his capabilities to hop around on the board anywhere, give the whole other squad slow, take insane amounts of hits as well as dish the hits back, he is, well, Amazing!

Web Warriors: Daredevil

He’s a REALLY good lawyer…

Next on our breakdown is a character I didn’t think I was going to bring: Daredevil. I debated on Daredevil or Black Panther for a while, and honestly it came down to a suggestion from a friend (Dr. D, check out his latest painting blog HERE). Dr. D essentially said “Make people love Daredevil!” and I’ll certainly try! Between Daredevil doing absolute work in the Power Bottom 10™©, I figured that if I’m going to go heavy Web-Warriors, I might as well bring him. So, what does Matt Murdock bring to the playing field?

This roster has a fair number of squishy characters, as well as those who don’t hit very hard, and Daredevil is a great tank that comes with hitting power! I’ve seen this model carry flanks by himself for entire games. 3 dice counting blanks on Physical and Energy is nothing to scoff at, and he gains one extra stamina on his injured side, which is certainly welcome!

The big synergy move here is obviously Parker’s Affiliation ability, All Webbed Up, and Devil’s Deliverance. Just having three enemy characters within range, with slow, and All Webbed Up played would trigger a 10 dice attack to the face, with an auto push afterwards! Is the spender pricey? Absolutely. Does it require some setup? For sure. Is it going to cause enemies to think twice about surrounding that objective with Daredevil in range to move an Devil’s Deliverance? It better, or they’re crazy!

Web Warriors: Ghost-Spider

Ghost-Spider Model
Only thing better than Ghost-Spider is Gwenom, trust me

I shouldn’t need to explain why Ghost-Spider is in this list. Gwen Stacey is one of, if not the best, disruption pieces in this game. She has a million options to displace enemy characters, and even friendly characters with Life Saver! Not having Miles ability for extra defense re-rolls, she’s a bit squishy in this roster, but she should be anywhere but in attack range with her mobility. Using her builder, Spider Technique, she can long move 3 times in one turn! Where do you need her to be, because she’s there.

Mix her mobility with 3 different ways to displace enemy characters (Impact Webbing small push on a wild, Freestyle Beatdown with a small throw, and Web Line with a small push) and you’ve got one of the most obnoxious characters to face against. Use her later in the round to rip opponents off objectives then plop her right on it, or with her mobility you can then grab an objective across the board!

Web Warriors: Black Cat

Black Cat Miniature
Hey, you wanna go steal something?” ~ Felicia Hardy Black Cat Vol. 16

Black Cat, just like Ghost-Spider, is another no brainer for this roster (and almost every roster at that!). She’s only a smidge more mobile than Daredevil with her Grappling Hook superpower allowing her to be placed within range 2, but she makes up her mobility “issues” (issues in quotes, as she still moves long) with…well literally everything else! She has the same stamina and defenses as Gwen making her a tad squishy, but she comes with Stealth and Back Luck (enemy characters cannot modify their dice while attacking her) for some extra longevity options.

She doesn’t stop there though (heh, move puns), as she also has a bit of offensive capabilities as well! Her builder, although a tad weak, does have pierce, but Troublemaker for 2 power auto staggers, and she has an option to advance S as well! Couple this with the REAL reason people bring Black Cat: Master Cat Burglar (steal an Asset or Civilian token from an enemy in range 1) and she becomes an absolute menace! She can move long, steal a token, Troublemaker Stagger someone, advance S on a wild, then Grappling Hook to even more safety, for only 5 power!

Freedom Force: Mystique

“Mutants are being hunted, living in fear!” ~ Raven Darkhölme

On to our next affiliation in this roster, the Freedom Force! When coming up with this roster, after I noticed how many affiliations I could make, I saw I could take Mystique and knew I HAD to. She’s absolutely one of my favorite characters in this game for many reasons. Her affiliation ability is just so fantastic! Being able to get a power back from interacting with an extract usually means you can then use the affiliations interact for a secure as well, plopping a token on that objective to hold it while making use of the roster’s long movement capabilities.

Mystique also brings something else very important to this roster: Deception. We’ve talked about how focused this roster is on mobility and placement, and having deception to ruin enemy plans can be key to keeping the more squishy parts of this roster alive, or snag that needed objective (Or, place someone within 1 of Black Cat for some sneaky Cat Burglar shenanigans!).

The rest of her abilities are also fantastic as well: Rapid Fire builder, spender that stuns BEFORE damage, plus Martial Artist and Stealth for extra survivability. Shapeshifter is always fun and obnoxious, especially fighting against foes like Venom, etc. And I personally love Expert Sabotage for the auto 2 damage, which can daze/KO an unsuspecting foe!

Freedom Force: Sabretooth

Look at this guy! Definitely Wolverine’s brother, ask Fox…

I’ve gotta be honest, I always underestimate this guy, and I shouldn’t! Sabretooth can be an absolute POWERHOUSE. His builder is great with 5 dice, pierce and bleed, and his spender, at 7 dice, has a high chance to allow him to swing with his builder after the initial attack, while also rerolling any number of attack dice! Untamed Force and Aggressive are a fantastic combo, allowing you to move S if you take damage from an enemy attack, then retaliate with that awesome builder!

No Mercy I constantly forget about while playing him, and I shouldn’t. 3 power to add a max of 3 dice based on the amount of damage on the target is nothing to forget. Wrap this bad boy up with Healing Factor 1, and his 12 total Stamina is going to take a while to get through! Sabretooth is fast already, but he’s my absolute favorite target for Asteroid M in this Roster!

Freedom Force/Avengers: Quicksilver

“I’m too young to die and too old to eat off the kids menu. What a stupid age I am.” ~ Peter Maximoff

Quicksilver is another obvious take here. He’s fast, he’s obnoxious, and he’s just plain useful. His builder can be great, but you need the perfect dice combos to get the real great effects, which can be difficult with 4 dice. If you roll a Crit and Shield you can dash, allowing you to advance S, and on a wild and hit, you get velocity allowing you to make another supersonic strike against a new target (pro tip, on that extra attack, if you get velocity again, you can attack the FIRST target with this 3rd Supersonic Strike!) His builder auto allows a M move on top of the 6 dice, which is great for this roster.

At first glance he looks a tad squishy, but he can reroll 2 of his defense AND dodge dice, as long as the attack isn’t mystic. Also, Can’t Catch Me allows him to reposition S when targeted with an attack. Speedster is SO good, allowing you to move L 3 times if you have the power and aren’t holding an objective token! My big play with Quicksilver, however, is Can I Borrow That! If he damages a foe holding an asset token, he gets to straight up steal it for 2 power! Works real great grabbing that last Legacy Virus on him for 8 VPs!

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Avengers: Sam Wilson

“You Want To Climb Out Of The Hell You’re In, Do The Work.” ~ Sam Wilson

This next Affiliation, I’m not sold on keeping. My main reason for bringing Sam is for the Affiliation Ability that fits the theme so well. Auto advances whenever a teammate Dazes or KOs is right up the Gotta Go Fast alley, plus throw in the fact it heals a damage and special condition, the ability isn’t awful. The issue I run in to is, almost every game I would take Avengers… I would rather just take Freedom Force. I might scrap Sam and throw in another long move 3 threat, like Proxima or something, but I’m not sure yet.

Sam’s Shield Throw is great though, adding some displacement into the list if the target is size 2 or less, and Redwing Assault, which I must say at the time of writing I’ve never used and had to look it up again, looks great on paper! 4 power for a range 3 6 dice physical that auto throws size 3 or less, then Sam gets to reposition range 2 is actually pretty great!

Charge. On a long moving character. Be still my heart….but only if he had more attacks than the two listed above! He moves quick, so for 2 power that shield throw could more or less hit anyone on the board with range 4, so that’s certainly a plus. Vibranium Shield will see Sam live a bit longer, but my favorite Superpower he brings to the table is Air Lift. For 2 power, another character size 2 or less within 2 of Sam when he starts a move can reposition range 2. This is great for objectives that cause moves, like Spider Portals or Cosmic Invasion (method to my madness…).

Avengers: Black Widow

“I’m Always Picking Up After You Boys…” ~ Natasha Romanova

And the 2 threat! Every roster needs one, and Black Widow is still great, even from the days of the Core Box. He builder is great with the potential to drain power on a wild, and her spender staggers if damages is dealt, then she can reposition s on a wild as well. (there’s a pistol in there somewhere, but I can’t see it…)

My reason for having Natasha tagging along though is Stealth, Martial Artist and Counter-Strike. Those three superpowers combined make her one hell of a defensive threat 2 with teeth. She can zip all over the board untargeted, then if she is she has the defense and the potential for auto damage to throw right back!

Baron Zemo

“I knew I could not kill them. More powerful men than me have tried. But, if I could get them to kill each other…” ~ Helmut Zemo

What is not to love about Baron Zemo? He’s perfect in every way (and another Core Set Superstar!). 5 dice builder with Bleed. 6 dice, 2 power spender that auto advances Zemo M, also with Bleed. Charge, Counter-Strike…Helmut has it all!

But we’re not done folks! The real reason people take the Baron is for his Strategic Genius. Any allied character within 2 can reroll 1 die in their attack and defense rolls, obviously including himself. Didn’t get that die result you needed on Quicksilver? Zemo’s got you covered. Didn’t roll enough successes on Black Widow’s spender? Zemo gives another chance! Also let’s not forget Master Swordsman, which is a buffed up version of Strategic Genius. 2 power and you can reroll al of Zemo’s attack or defense dice as long as the enemy character attacking or defending is within 2. I’ve MERCCED so many characters with this guy, he’s glorious.

Wrap Up

YouTube player
Check out the lastest Gotta Go Fast list vs Malekith!

Well folks, that’s it for this insanely long blog post about a funny side project Roster! I’d chat about the tactics and crisis cards, but at this point our printer ran out of ink and I’m not allowed anymore words, so chat in the comments we shall! You know of any better crisis this roster would do well in? How about why I shouldn’t take characters? Leave all your hot takes and speculations down below, and I’ll use these to absolutely pound Poppa PCN Tim into the dirt on Monday night’s Oh Yeah! The Power Phase over on Twitch!

Please please PLEASE make sure to check out our podcasts and other shows! They can all be found HERE, and obviously the best ones are the ones I’m in (Lost Omens, Oh Yeah!, The Slithering [Patreon only]), so watch those first, then catch all the others because, let’s be honest, they’re all great!

Also, if you want to come hang with me, you can do so every Wednesday night from 6-8pm EST on the Twitch, where I’ll be building and painting anything and everything MCP!

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Tactical Taylor is the PCN terrain fanatic, as well as a Venom lover. Taylor plays in the Lost Omens podcast and the Slithering Patron podcast. You can find Taylor some Monday nights starting 7pm EST on Oh Yeah! The Power Phase! as well as on Wednesday nights 6-8pm EST on Hobby Hangout Both shows can be found on Twitch.

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  1. Love the breakdown, sounds like a super fun roster, and I know it can be a huge pain to deal with. Long move is underrated, and I can’t believe only 19 characters have it!

  2. I love that my belligerent Daredevil love has managed to inspire an entire blog article. Truly, my influence knows no bounds.

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