Meal Prep, 2nd Edition

Hello, and Happy Monday! Is that an oxymoron? Is there such a thing as a "happy" Monday? I know, kind of a Negative Nancy stance, but let me tell you, we've had a rough start to the week. Normally I like setting some personal goals for the week, getting my bearings, doing some meal prep,... Continue Reading →

Mighty Morphin’ Meal-Prep!

Well, hello there! I'm super exited for today's post because it's about a topic near and dear to my heart: meal prep! I loooooove meal prep: I love the planning, the research, the execution, and the payoff. In addition to anything fitness related, this is seriously a topic I could talk about, ad nauseam, with... Continue Reading →

Celebrating the 4th

Hi there, faithful reader, and Happy 4th of July! I hope Kid Rock visits your house and leaves you all the good stuff 🙂 Felix has been boycotting sleeping lately so he has me up bright and early this morning; I guess, trying to be optimistic, this way I can just celebrate for even longer!... Continue Reading →

The Beauty and Curse of “Busy”

Hi there, and happy Monday! I hope you had a rejuvenating weekend and are ready to tackle the week! Or maybe your weekend was crazy busy and you're ready to return to the normalcy and routine of the week ahead. Or maybe, like me, all your days are blending together and you had no idea... Continue Reading →

Finding Motivation

Oh hey there, avid reader. How are you? How's your family? Are you getting enough sleep and drinking enough water? Have you been eating foods to fuel your body, and moving your body to keep it active and healthy? Sorry, that't just the mom/teacher in me keeping tabs on you. Someone has to 🙂 Let's... Continue Reading →

Mommin’ ain’t easy

You came back! Or you're here for the first time! Either way, thanks a bunch for making it this far. As I mentioned in my first blog post (check it out here) I'm a mom to two pretty cute kiddos: Lily, age 8, and Felix who is turning 2 this week! I wanted to take... Continue Reading →


Oh, hi there! You're reading my blog! I really wasn't sure if this would ever take off; I've been wanting to blog for a while now but never really had a real push or drive to do it. Like a lot of things in my life, I would get really excited and eager to get... Continue Reading →

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