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WFRP 4th Edition Reviews- Core: Character Creation

When playing a Tabletop RPG, obviously the most important part to you, the player, is your character. The GM gets to play everyone else, but you get to make and be your character. WFRP has a deep character creation system with tons of customization and ways to bring your character to life before you even… Continue Reading →

Crisis Protocol Roster Breakdown: Gotta Go Fast!

Tactical Taylor’s first roster breakdown! He comes up with the craziest lists, so let’s look at his fastest one to date!

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Rulebook Review Part 1- Overview

Welcome to a new series I’m starting today! I’ll be going through all of the releases of Cubicle 7’s Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition. Starting with the core rulebook just makes sense to me, and as such a huge, dense book, I’ll be doing it in a few parts. This first article will serve as… Continue Reading →

Winter is Here

The Winter Guard are the newest Affiliation to join MCP and boy, does it come smashing like a hammer! As of now, we know Crimson Dynamo is the leader of Darkstar, Red Guardian, and Ursa Major. Other inclusions in the Affiliation haven’t been revealed yet, but as they have an August 12th release date, we… Continue Reading →

Dr. DDevil: Painting Cool Black Without Fear

Hello fellow hobbyists and miniature aficionados!  Dr. D here with a article on how to paint one of the best colors, technically not found, on the color wheel, Black. The people who are reading this that paid for very fancy art school may know that Black is actually all of the colors the human eye… Continue Reading →

Dr. DDevil: Painting Warm Black Without Fear

Hello fellow hobbyists and miniature aficionados!  Dr. D here with another painting article on how to paint yet ANOTHER of the best colors not actually found on the color wheel, Warm Black. In my previous article, we talked briefly about the different kinds of black that exist when it comes to painting. We briefly went… Continue Reading →

Hot (or possibly Cold) Take on Winter Guard.

Greetings, or should I say привет, my fellow Slavic enthusiasts to some first thoughts on Marvel Crisis Protocol’s Winter Guard. Below you will find some of my humble opinions on the Winter Guard before their official release. One of the big changes that could severely alter the direction of the Winter Guard are the rest… Continue Reading →

HYDRA Terrain First Thoughts and Impressions!

“What would be cooler than a HYDRA tank!?” – Dallas Kemp

It’s Not Iceman, But…

AMGs Ministravaganza has once again come and gone, and it did not disappoint! Well, except for one thing- no Iceman, but we did get a deluge of awesome new content! Tim summarized all the new reveals and bits of info (https://professionalcasual.com/2022/07/18/summary-of-ministravagnza-2022-malekith-was-only-the-start/), but today I’m going to focus on the X-Men related content. You know, what… Continue Reading →

Summary of Ministravagnza 2022: Malekith was only the start

Where does one even begin? Ministravaganza has concluded for 2022 and has left in it’s wake at least a year of upcoming releases. The event ran on twitch from Thursday July 14th through Saturday July 16th and featured an awesome opening ceremony, painting, live play and release streams across Marvel Crisis Protocol, X-Wing, Star Wars… Continue Reading →


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