Attack of the monday

Hi there friend! Long time, no see!
That’s on me, and totally my bad. I know I keep saying that life is getting in the way, and it truly is. I guess I didn’t really realize how crazy things would get when everything got back in full swing, but now my normal blog writing time has been interrupted by literally everything else in my life. And things have been very heavy with the passing of RBG and all the political ugliness…to be honest, I’ve wanted nothing to do with social media of any kind lately.

And today, as the title of this post suggests, was such an insanely “Monday” Monday shit show…the morning just made me cranky, the day dragged by, and I forgot my sneakers so I didn’t get to workout after school. The weekends have been flying and I hardly have time to take a breath. This weekend was especially busy with lots of podcast recording going on, and since the recording studio is in our basement, we’re very limited in what we can do while people are recording down there. So right away there goes the majority of my productivity for the day: no vacuuming, no laundry, etc.

On the bright side though, my little dude’s daycare has asked that we start sending him in pull-ups because he’s been really interested in using the potty and has done a great job, but is having a hard time getting his diaper up and down (we use cloth diapers and the snaps are a huge pain in that regard). Can we get him to use the potty at home?! NOPE. But if he’s ready and willing to do it there, maybe that will translate to potty use at home, too. A woman can dream…

So with life being pretty much back to pre QUAR craziness and my world screaming down the track like a runaway freight train, I thought I’d take a minute to talk about what I’m doing for self care. I know, I know, the term “self care” has a really bad reputation and many people think it’s just bubble baths and face masks for days. But truly, when life starts getting overwhelming, it’s past time to take care of yourself. For me, self care is a way of showing myself that I’m just as much of a priority as anything else in my life. I wouldn’t neglect my family, job, or other responsibilities, so why neglect my own damn self?!

Here are some of my most favorite forms of self care:

  • Massage.
    I’ve only gotten a few massages before, and before last month I had always gone to someone I didn’t know and would never see again. Lately my shoulder has really been bothering me, and I always talk about treating myself to a massage but I never do it. Finally I mustered up my courage and messaged my friend Rachel at A Time to Heal Massage in Walton. I’ve known Rachel since we were in high school and we reconnected at the gym a few years ago. She’s incredible AND a business owner, so she has even more of my respect. I messaged her business page for an appointment and let me tell you, it’s something I schedule monthly now. Being able to relax, chat with a friend, and get my aches and pains worked on is something that everyone deserves, and I only wish I had done it sooner. If you’re one who balks at the price of a massage, consider this: you can always get a shorter duration which is cheaper; you’d spend as much eating out twice as you would on a nice massage; if you go to a reputable place you’re being attended to by a trained professional who has spent years honing their craft and consistently work on professional development to stay up-to-date on current techniques; massage can combat numerous health issues including digestive and immune systems maladies.
    If you’re in the Walton area, check out A Time to Heal Massage and book yourself an appointment…you deserve it!
  • Social Media Timer.
    I flip flop between turning the timers on and off, but lately I’ve had one firmly set in stone for Facebook and I’m glad I do. It keeps me sane and keeps me from mindlessly scrolling through the expertly designed algorithm that the app sports. If it weren’t for certain groups I’m part of, I’d probably deactivate my account entirely. Knowing that I only have 30-45 minutes per day keeps me from obsessing over the app, plus I end up doing other, arguably more productive, things. How many times have you been on your phone, only to look up and suddenly realize that an hour (or more) has escaped you as you were being hypnotized by that tiny glowing box? I’m telling you, set a time and hold yourself to it and you’ll be amazed at how much your life is improved.
  • Movement.
    Yeah yeah, I work out. I’m trying to shift my mindset more towards moving my body in a way that celebrates what I can do, rather than as a form of punishment. My Beachbody coach started a Fall in Love group on the Beachbody app and I’m really loving that as well. It helps keep me accountable but also empowers me by connecting me to other like-minded people. I’m finding more and more than when life is crazy, I really need to get my 30 minutes in to show myself clearly that I am still a priority.
  • The Library.
    I love my library. They have continued to offer amazing programming all throughout QUAR, including a virtual book club, Take and Make activities, and STEM and coding programs for kids. Before they shut down back in March they contacted their patrons and told us, “Hey, come and stock up on books since we have no idea how long this is gonna be.” So that’s what I did. They were able to reopen the drop boxes in June and we could put holds on materials to pick up, but it wasn’t until very recently that they opened back up for browsing without an appointment.
    As someone who used to spend hours every week hanging out at the library (my kids LOVE their play area), not being able to go there was like part of my identity being taken away from me. I was finally able to go browse this past Friday, and to be honest, I got choked up. I was just so happy, and at peace, to be back in those book-lined aisles, it felt like going home. And as someone who didn’t have an ideal childhood and hid in the solace of the pages of books, it was even more fulfilling. I felt whole again.
    AND I got to meet the BOMB librarian I connected with through mutual friends and the virtual book clubs and I felt like we’ve known each other for our entire lives. The library is magical.
  • Podcasts.
    A 40 minute commute (one way) is a prime place for podcast consumption, but in the mornings I’ve taken to listening to Yoga Girl Daily’s podcast; they’re updated daily and are around 5 minutes each, and they’re a great way to start the day. She sometimes give you a meditation practice, or something to think about and reflect on, a journaling prompt, anything like that. She has a calming and peaceful voice, and I have to say, I prefer starting my day listening to her than checking the shit show that is social media…
    I also listen to TONS of other podcasts, including ours at PCN as well as My Favorite Murder, An Acquired Taste Podcast, Redhanded, Why Won’t You Date Me?, and This Might Just Get Weird.

What will you do to take care of yourself and show yourself that you’re a priority in the coming weeks? I’d love to know what your tips are, or if you do any of the things I’ve suggested above.

I’m on full-on “house makeover” mode so I’ll be posting updates on that as things get moving along. We’re not doing anything crazy as of yet, just getting our outlets replaced from being two prong to three prong (woo hoo!) and I’ve been looking at different things to do in our kitchen. I want to update the back splash and then pick a paint color from there, but of course the back splash I ADORE is hand-painted at a place in CA and I have to contact their show room for prices…so that’s gonna be way more than we can afford…
But I’m hopeful that we’ll find something similar somewhere. It’s so pretty.
Anyway. Thanks for reading, and I PROMISE to be more consistent in my posts. Talk soon!

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