The Decor Rabbit Hole

Well hello there, incredible reader. Take a second right now and get some water. Drink it. I’m serious. We could all stand to be a little more hydrated 🙂

Things have been incredibly busy over in my neck of the woods; school started up and the whole family is adjusting to a very new schedule. We had 6 months of free floating so getting back into the swing of things is taking longer than I thought it would, but when I really think about it, what did I expect? I guess I assumed we’d get right back into it in a day or two, but things haven’t been that straightforward; Dan and Lily’s school did a rolling open thing so they only had three grades in the building each day, so she went on Wednesday and then didn’t have to go again for the rest of the week. I had conference days Tuesday and Wednesday and then started with students on Thursday, and poor Felix is not sure why everyone is up so early now but he wants to be in on the action so he’s been waking up between 5:30-6 in the morning. 

All-in-all I think we all had a great first week back, but this upcoming week will be the real test when Lily resumes school every day except Wednesday and also has (virtual) ballet thrown in as well. But ya know what? It’ll be fine. We’ll figure it out and adjust as we go, like we always do. 

If you’ve been a reader for long you know that I am crazy about summer, and everything that goes with it. I love the weather, the food, the activities, it’s all great! But I do have to say, this past weekend was the perfect, quintessential fall weekend. The weather was lovely where it was cool in the morning but warmed up throughout the day, it was gorgeous. We made our way to the farmers’ market and then the park to play with friends on Saturday, and I got a great run in on Sunday and then did lots of meal prep and watched football. Go Saints! This weekend really made me appreciate the shift in seasons as a new opportunity and something to look forward to. While I’ll miss summer and everything about it, would I love it as much if I didn’t get other seasons to enjoy as well? Wow, that’s some heavy thinking right there!

I’ve felt a lot more like an adult lately (which is funny since I’m 34, I have 2 kids, and this is my 13th year of teaching, so I’ve been an adult for a while now…) and I think it’s because I’ve been wanting to do more “adult” things with our house. I’ve never really had “decor” or done anything like that, but lately I’ve been thinking about changing things up and doing some painting in our house and adding in some accessories. It all stems back to a dang candle from Target. Yep. That’s the culprit. See, I was at Target (blissfully) alone and they had a nice display of candles, and the small ones were only $5! Well I started smelling them, as you do, and there was a big one in a gold container and it smelled EXACTLY like my gram who passed when I was in college. Every other gardenia scented candle I’ve ever found was just not quite right, but this was spot on and I bought it. Note: it was not one of the $5 candles…but still worth it. So now I’m digging gold accents in my living room, and I want to paint the walls either a cream or deep blue to match flower pots I bought over the summer (even though I’m guaranteed to kill those plants because I have a brown thumb, but whatever). And if we paint the living room we should really do the bathroom and kitchen, and maybe I’ll get new kitchen towels because mine are red-themed but do I really want that now? And if we’re going to paint the bathroom we should really redo the floor and get a new counter, and maybe replace the medicine cabinet….And down the decor rabbit hole we go! All of this because of a candle!

A blogger I follow, Juli over at Paleomg, hired an online interior designer from Havenly and her house looks AMAZING, but she also has a lot more money and room to work with than what I have, and with two kids do I really want to spend a bunch of cash on redecorating? At this point in my life a white couch is the equivalent of burning a pile of money, right? 

What about you? Do you have a set “style” or “decor” or do you kind of wing it? Should I just tear the bandage off and do it, or ease into it over time? I’d love to know what other functioning adults are doing!

Thanks for checking in with me…we’ll talk next week!

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